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Will Backpack For Chocolate blog

It’s true–I will backpack for chocolate, at the drop of a hat. But it’s also true that my blog isn’t a 100% Backpacker Blog. Neither is it 100% cooking, though I’ve blogged the hell out of my pie crust prowess and my cream-of-wild-nettle soup. When I travel, Wing’s World is a travel blog, but when I’m back home, hey presto! my posts are on poetry. Or kale. Or sore knees. Or ways to deal with injustice when you’re not quite brave enough to die on the barricades.

I started blogging as a way to connect with readers when I first became an author. Three YA novels later (The Flying Burgowski; Headwinds; Altitude), I find myself still enjoying this medium, this platform, this brave new world of “sharing.” But as a former teacher who still misses her classroom and students, I should not be surprised. Wing’s World has become my “room”–no homework required.

I hope you join me. Especially if you have chocolate.

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