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The two Doctors blog 

I avoid Blog Awards like the chain mail promotions they are, I refuse to answers 10 personal questions about myself to satisfy somebody else’s blog, but reblogs and writing a freeform story about one’s blog seems perfectly acceptable to me, correction …. to both of us. I’m drafting this post sipping a glass of Picpoul de Pinet listening to Bob Dylan ….. Blowin’ in The Wind waiting for the beef joint in the oven to reach perfection, which might reveal more about us than any written word.

French wines

“The Two Doctors” was a comment made by John Cleese in an episode of the brilliant TV series Fawlty Towers, picked up by some close friends who said over dinner one evening …. “that’s you two”, and it’s stuck for 40 years. The Two Doctors blog is a reflection of our lives rather than a blog that is motivated by …… anything! We met as PhD students, hence two ACTUAL doctors, one a scientist, the other a psychologist. Both Buddhists. These are the facts about us that infuse our blog and its posts.

We seem to remember our first blog being about mountaineering, travelling annually to see family in Nepal mixed with hard trekking and even harder summiting of 20,000 ft+ peaks. You’ll find a few of those posts from over 20 years ago buried on our blog. We retired early and started to travel, luxury stuff around Europe, then China, India, Nepal of course, and even a three week rail trip coast to coast USA. For the next couple of years this was the blog now called “It is Better to Arrive than to Travel”; think about it! Then we created and ran an education aid charity in Nepal developing 200 schools and training 2000 teachers … Nepal Schools Aid, absorbed into our current blog. Our work in Nepal lasted for eight years and ended three years ago ….. the blog? It now morphed around our hobby of wine collecting and was called “Buddha Walks into a Wine Bar” reflecting our Buddhist faith, wine collecting and interest in ancient philosophy. Posts were an eclectic mix of these three topics, often merging and often written as a conversation between ourselves and Buddha, who we call Sid (do you know why?) in a wine bar. And finally, at the beginning of this year we began a project searching Dr B’s family history ….


So the blog title changed to “Buddha Walks into a Library” which seems more apt than meeting the holy one in a wine bar! Dr C’s family are all from Kathmandu and no DNA testing is going to reveal migration from Africa or Europe; her family are of the Newar caste and all of the surname Tuladhar which wouldn’t help census record searching in Kathmandu even if there were any! Dr B’s family all originate in southern England, Cornwall or Kent, mostly being tin miners or agricultural workers going back to medieval times, but what interests him the most is revealing the historical context of their lives within each generation such as The Wars of The Roses, Dissolution of The Monasteries, The Poor Law, The Corn Laws, The English Civil War, The Industrial Revolution and of course ……. Bloody Brexit! I’ll shut up! Best regards from The Two Doctors …… and Sid of course!


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  1. Thanks for posting the story of our blog, it was an interesting and enjoyable exercise. We both hope you all enjoy reading it🙏🙏

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