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I’ve been writing about hiking in Finland for two decades for my living. All these magazine articles and guidebooks are written in Finnish, and in 2017 I thought I’d like to tell about our wonderful country and its magnificent hiking destinations to the rest of the world. 🙂

So, I started a blog in English, it’s called Finnish Way of Hiking. Since then I’ve written about 80 articles in my blog, all of them about hiking. I try to write a new post every week. Many of the posts are about hiking in Finland, but many also contain information that can be used in other countries, too.

And now a confession: I’m not blogging only for the fun of it. As I want to invite you, my dear reader, to consider Finland as your next destination on a hiking kind of holiday, I also try to promote my brand new book. The book is called Hiking in Finland, which by now probably isn’t a surprise…

Why should you come and hike in Finland? Here’s just some thoughts: Finland is a sparsely populated country in Northern Europe with lots of wilderness and national parks, and at the same time Finland is a reliable western society with good infrastructure and services. There are hundreds of wilderness huts (open cabins along hiking trails, free for anyone to use), thousands of campfire sites and thousands of kilometers of hiking trails. And thousands of square kilometers of unpopulated, trail-less wilderness areas, too.

Finland is a land of blue, green and white: thousands of lakes, endless forests, and in winter a white blanket of snow. If you are interested in hiking in a forest where there live also flying squirrels, elks, wolverines, fairy slippers, Siberian jays, red-flanked bluetails and so on, come to Finland. If you want to collect bilberries, cloudberries, chantarelles and boletus edulis during your hike, come to Finland. In Lapland there are lots and lots of beautiful treeless fells. You might also like the midnight sun and aurora borealis. Oh, and there’s no terrorism, no corruption, and no tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes or venomous insects in Finland.

Happy hiking to everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Finnish Way of Hiking

  1. Hello Jouni.

    I appreciate your inspiring post. I have read some of your posts and found them excellent. There are many types of nature lovers and hikers with different age. When I was young, I hiked thru the Bear round. Now when being older, my wife and I love day hikes. It suits for us. 🙂 Maybe you see it walking in the nature, not hiking.

    Thank you for your post.

    North of Arctic Circle 11

    Happy hiking!

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