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Pathikka travel blog logo Pathikka Travel Blog - Wayfarer, snapper, and word-smith of travel tales My blog is a travel memoir of the journeys I've taken so far. It reflects my thoughts on how I look at a place, its culture, its people, and what I gain at the end of my travel. I combine … Continue reading Pathikka travel blog

Monkey`s tale blog

Monkey`s tale blog Monkey`s tale blog - An Adventure Travel Blog We have both enjoyed international travel for many years and for the past 16 years have been traveling together. In 2017 we decided that life is too short, so we decided to travel full-time through south Asia for 20 months.  As with many travel … Continue reading Monkey`s tale blog

What to see next blog

What to see next blog What to see next blog - Travel ideas and inspirations - Because you don't have to quit your job to travel! We are the regular people who quit their once adventurous lifestyle to settle down in Europe with steady eight-to-four jobs. We want to change the myth that quitting your “boring” … Continue reading What to see next blog