Number 26 blog


The Number 26 blog 

The goal of the 26 is to capture the mundane. This blog is comprised of passages about passengers on the number 26 bus line. This is a fictional imaginary bus set in a very tangible world. The bus and the passengers that ride it exist nowhere, and yet, in a genuine sense, they live everywhere. They are us, and we are them, in so far as our own humanness connects us. This is the point of the blog, to capture what it means to be human.

I’ve always been inspired by the mundane, the simple, and the everyday heroes. So I wanted to create a blog that was built around celebrating the simple quotidian, the omnipresence, the ubiquitous (such ridiculous words) passengers on a bus. Although it’s become increasingly more fantastical and fictional as the stories have gone on. (now we have stuff like the number 26 steampunkish airship).

What the blog’s really about though are writers. I know what it’s like for a writer, particularly new ones, to be submitting their work to various places, and getting turned down without any feedback or constructive criticism. And it isn’t that the story is terrible per se, but that it just isn’t what they’re looking for- doesn’t fit their concept.

I liken this blog to a bathroom wall, covered in graffiti. People come and go and just sort of scribble their stories onto the walls. In this strange way, the content can always be moving, and the themes and styles always changing.

So, I love reading and editing peoples stories. And I always offer my most sincere commentary.  Thus far, the word counts of my comments, feedback, and edits have surpassed that of the actual stories themselves.

So the blog is still relatively new, and it’s still very small. And I hope it remains so, otherwise, as this is just a hobby, I wouldn’t have the time to give everyone the response they deserve when they post. I like the fact that the blog is something that doesn’t try to be found, but yet it still CAN BE found occasionally. It’s a tiny hole in the wall of the internet.

Shared by: Jacob Myers 


Truly madly ordinary stories blog

Truly madly ordinary blog 

Truly Madly Ordinary Stories  from the heart.

My blog is about every day life adventure, most of all mine and it is supposed to show like the most Ordinary it can be extraordinary if you look at it with the right eyes. 

I started to blog because I always loved to write and I used to write but then I gave up for a while but now that I’m back I remembered how much I like it and how much it makes me feel good. Writing is therapeutic for me.

Submitted by: Ortensia 

This is Amaan Khan blog

ThisIsAmaanKhan is the name of my blog.

Hello. My name is Amaan Khan, and this is my portfolio website. Welcome to my humble little corner of the blogosphere. Herein you will find short (and maybe long) pieces of fiction, thoughtful ramblings from yours truly, and who knows what else when inspiration strikes. Currently, I am preparing to publish chapters of my upcoming novel, one post at a time.

What inspired me to start my blog was the insatiable passion for reading, writing, and storytelling. I find that when all else in life fails, I keep coming back to them. They never let down, they never stop helping, healing. They are my true calling, and I believe my blog is the way I express my undying love and gratitude for them.

If you like what you find, please do follow the blog. There are weekly updates without fail, a new post every Thursday. Thank you for reading and stopping by! Have a great and healthy day!

Beetley Pete blog

Beetley Pete blog

Beetley Pete blog

In 2012, I moved away from the hustle and bustle of London, to a peaceful retirement in a small country village. One of my friends suggested I start a blog, to record the experience of that huge change in my life.

What began as a tentative journal soon developed into so much more. Recollections of my previous jobs, music nostalgia, film reviews, and memories of my youth in London. Then I got a dog, and began to add stories of daily walks with him. Encountering local wildlife, enduring often awful weather, and meeting other dog walkers on a daily basis.
I later added fictional short stories, some of which were subsequently published in a magazine, and on other websites.

Blogging went from an idea to a way of life within a few years, and I am now part of a great community, lucky to have many loyal followers who have become good friends too. I now try to help new bloggers too, by adding posts about blogging do’s and don’ts, help and advice, and suggestions to inspire them.
It is a great way to combine self-expression with meeting a diverse group of people from all over the world.

DanVenture Travels Blog

DanVenture travels blog 

DanVenture Travels  is a collection of my travel experiences & where I mess up along the way.

I started the blog because a few friends told me I was good at telling stories as well as remembering amusing details. I listened to them and here we are.

Submitted by: Daniel Pienaar


McGee Travel Tales blog

McGee Travel Tales Blog

McGee Travel Tales is about the different ways to view the world: through travel, books, food, and creative writing.

 A friend and I were talking over beers one day after work and I got to telling stories. He jokingly said that I should start a blog and the idea stuck, took root, and I started writing. A month or so later I actually started my blog. 

Submitted by: Laci McGee 

The dawning moments blog

Storytellers, is about telling my life stories and what they have taught me, how I grew to become better because of the little lessons that life has taught me.

I was inspired by the fact that I realized that small things have enormous impact on who we turn out to be. Sometimes we ignore the stories that made us who we are, why not share them to inspire others?

Submitted by :  Mmopi Ramaphane