Dynamic Mentality blog

Dynamic mentality logo A Dynamic Mentality My blog is a lifestyle and travel blog that delves into the day in the life of a twenty-something year old in today’s modern world. I talk a lot about mental health, how to approach different situations, as well as talk about other things that interest me, like books … Continue reading Dynamic Mentality blog

Two Doctors blog

train approaching the railroad station Two Doctors Blog - Buddha Walks Into A Wine Bar …. Sits down with The Two Doctors and ….. I avoid Blog Awards like the chain mail promotions they are, I refuse to answers 10 personalquestions about myself to satisfy somebody else’s blog, but reblogs and writing a freeformstory about … Continue reading Two Doctors blog

Professionals health connection blog

Professionals health connection blog - LIFESTYLE HEALTH – EXERCISE MOTIVATION – FITNESS INSPIRATION Our blog is about giving people small tips that can make a big impact on their health. Small lifestyle changes that they can live with. Our focus: We only provide health and fitness information, articles, and stories. We do not endorse diets, … Continue reading Professionals health connection blog

Evolving life blog

Evolving life blog My blog is Evolving Life - How We Do Wellness  This blog, Evolving Life, came about this fall as a part of a 30-day challenge to launch me as a freelance writer. It began as a place to discuss mental health and spirituality as my background is in somatic psychology and spiritual … Continue reading Evolving life blog

Watercress words-exploring the HEART of health blog

Watercress Words Blog  As a family doctor, I spend a lot of time thinking  and studying about health, and helping people with their health. I know people have many questions and concerns about their health, and don’t always know where to turn for reliable answers. So I started a blog to meet that need. I … Continue reading Watercress words-exploring the HEART of health blog