Professionals health connection blog

Professionals health connection blog 

Our blog is about giving people small tips that can make a big impact on their health. Small lifestyle changes that they can live with.

Our focus: We only provide health and fitness information, articles, and stories. We do not endorse diets, pills or quick fixes. And our articles, exercises, tips, recipes, and product suggestions are related to fitness and health. You won’t find unrelated articles or products for sale (unless the ads are with WordPress – we can’t control those).

And, since exercises normally take a few tries to get right, in case someone is away from a computer or phone, all of our exercises are formatted for printing. That way, if you go to the gym or travel, you only have to print your favorites for reference. Here is an example of one of our most popular workouts: Flexibility workout plan

I actually do this exercise at 5am every Monday and love it! It’s quick and easy.

chest stretch guide


My inspiration for Professionals Health Connection was two-fold. Firstly, I had a high-stress job that required 12-hour days and some weekend work. By sitting at my desk all day, I began to gain weight and the aches and pains from the constant typing and mouse use was beginning to take its toll.

To help the situation, my husband and I joined a gym and as a present, he signed me up for a trainer (at the time I had no desire to get a trainer).

After just 5 training sessions, and about a month of going to the gym, my ‘mouse’ arm wasn’t hurting anymore, and other aches and pains were becoming more manageable. I also began to feel better mentally. In other words, my stress was becoming more tolerable.

And second, being in the technology field, I always wanted to learn more about websites and how people share information. With that thought in mind, I set to learn more about blogging and found (which I highly recommend!)

Since these two activities were going on simultaneously, I had the idea that I would share what I was learning about being active – what I call my ‘body 1.01’ information. So shortly after I married the two – I could have my new exercises and workouts available always available – and I could share it!  Voila now that made sense! That made it so much easier for me to form new exercises and workouts and share them at the same time. So, with the hopes it would help people that found themselves in a similar situation: lots of sitting work and not enough activity, I launched Professionals Health Connection.

As a side benefit of all that exercise, I started asking questions about nutrition. I had (and still have) questions that I’m sure everyone thinks about at one time or another, so I share my research on those too. I also have a trainer in the family as well as a best friend who was a PE teacher to provide topic ideas, assist with research, and critique as needed.

Shared by: Joan Wilder


Disletti blog

Disletti Blog 

My blog is about keeping a balanced life in the midst of a chaotic world. We all experience some form of anxiety, depression, stress and panic attacks. They can be maintained and managed.
I wanted to share my stories, both positive and negative in hopes that people know they are not alone as I was. I want to be a sounding board, venting post etc to help others regain their strength.
I’m in the midst of opening an antique store to showcase my hobbies that I have done to help manage stress and anxiety.

Submitted by : Ava Disletti 

Exploring the heart of health blog

Watercress words blog

Watercress Words Blog 

As a family doctor, I spend a lot of time thinking  and studying about health, and helping people with their health.

I know people have many questions and concerns about their health, and don’t always know where to turn for reliable answers. So I started a blog to meet that need.

I don’t claim to have the definitive answers to these questions but  I offer my thoughts, insights, observations,  and sometimes opinions , and those of other health care professionals.

On my blog we explore common and less common medical conditions and treatments, medical history and news, books about health and medicine, stories about real doctors and patients, and try to answer the question “What is health and how do we maintain good health?”

My goal is to  inform and inspire you as we all explore


Submitted by:  Dr. Aletha Cress Oglesby, M.D.

Life with an illness blog

Life with an illness

Life with an illness blog 

My blog is about sharing my journey with others of having several chronic illnesses. I share tips, advice, while spreading awareness and positivity. My main objective is to help others, while showing them they are not in this alone. I strive to push them to keep moving forward and never give up!

About 2 years ago, I became extremely sick. After countless amounts of tests, hospital stays, doctors appointments, and driving monthly to an out of state clinic, I was finally diagnosed. I have lupus, fibromyalgia, celiacs disease, CFS, EDS, POTS, and I also struggle with anxiety and depression. For a while, I was in a dark place, a very dark place. I got to a point where I could allow my illnesses to take over me, or I could take charge, and use them as a tool to help others. I started my blog to encourage others with my story, and show them they aren’t alone. Unfortunately, the illnesses I have, there is no cure. I strive to spread awareness in hope that there will be a cure in the future. I decided to take control of my life, and try to make a difference in this World. ♡