Fashion hedge blog


Fashion hedge blog

I created my blog to talk about ethical fashion and let people know different ways in which they can become for conscious when it comes to fashion. I provide facts and data and also some pictures of myself .

I have not seen many ethical fashion blogs out there and mine is written from a different perspective than most, often trying to quantify and offer supporting data.

I am not exactly a fashion blogger, since such blogs mainly post pictures of women wearing overpriced garments. I talk about fashion in a way most people don’t, incorporating economics and sustainability analysis.

People can realize ethical fashion is not a hippie load of crap, but a necessary step for the fashion industry and that the human lives are worth more than having 100 dresses in your closet.

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Sagar Samy blog

Sagar Samy blog 

“In a country full of Instagrammers, I decided to be a Blogger.”

Hello, myself Sagar Samy – Media Blogger and Social Media Influencer from
Karachi, Pakistan. Being blogger and influencer, you need to be an all-rounder.
The journey of blogging started in 2015 when I thought to have such website
where I can share my views. So, I joined WordPress as a blogging platform for
My first blog was about Fashion – Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW) – then I shifted
towards entertainment, I started writing reviews about dramas/films and begun
sharing highlights of the events. Once I get enough recognition as Lifestyle
Blogger, then I started writing about tech and travelogues as well.
I read many national and international blogs, but particularly for film critics, I
followed Shafiq Ul Hasan Siddiqui’s blog. As he does excellent reviews about
films. So, I couldn’t stop myself taking inspiration from him.

I have also contributed my content to Dunya Blogs and Trending in Pakistan amongst others. That’s how my blogging career officially kicked off. I have earned money from
blogging, but due to lack of consistency and time management it is hard to post a
blog regularly; but still, I try my best to post quality content whenever I get time.

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