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Alchemist studio blog

The Alchemist’s Studio documents my journey with clay and experiments with the raku firing process.  Raku firing creates one of a kind glazing effects known for many dramatic patterns, textures, which adds an element of unpredictably.  For many of my raku vases, I also create a story that relates the piece of pottery to a myth or legend that the pottery evokes for me.  Art and creativity are a playful outlet for me, and my blog reflects this.
There are many exciting plans for the studio this year, including launching a line of jewelry and functional ware!  We have also just launched our Youtube channel – The Alchemist,  which will eventually be home to many videos documenting my work on the pottery wheel, firing and sculpting.
I have been inspired by my passion for art and creation and love of pottery to share my journey as a potter and the joy of working with clay!