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Cheche Winnie Blog 

Sustainable Living & Wildlife Conservation in Kenya Blog

My blog is all about advocating for a sustainable living and wildlife conservation. I use my writing skills to educate people about wildlife and their conservation status. What we need to change and what needs to be done to give them a better tomorrow.

Share with my readers the various ways of life that does not harm environment but allow most species a brighter tomorrow. As well as sharing my travel experiences and places to visit. 

I have always loved animals from my childhood years and it really breaks my heart when i see them suffering from our actions. It’s clear that most local communities have insufficient or wrong information about wildlife living in their space. Making it difficult for them to embrace conservation.

With love for nature and wildlife, and a bachelor degree in Wildlife Management. I decided to use my writing skills to spread conservation education and awareness. 

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Becoming the muse blog


Becoming The Muse
Becoming the muse blog

My blog is Titled Becoming The Muse

Growing up I used to be fascinated by conversations with my grandparents and my grandfather would tell stories of our ancestry on  a moonlit
sometimes they were outlandish tales of magic and folklore other times
simply recollections of the old days when history was made.

We don’t sit around fires anymore telling stories into the night and
we are slowly forgetting the beauty and magic in our past, my blog is
my journey into trying to capture the essence of where I am from and
the history happening around me while it is happening, and for the world to see Africa’s narrative from my perspective.

I am a storyteller in a digital world and these are my words.