Can Facebook use be linked to mental health problems? This study suggests so..


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For many of us, Facebook is a big part of our lives. Though, studies have recently revealed that there is a connection between Facebook and mental health problems, like low self-esteem. A recent study reveals more..

The connection of Facebook and depression is debated. We may use Facebook to gain a positive self image, or to self-compare, so much so that their Facebook activity may intrude with our daily functioning and activities, as well as our mood.

Though many studies are not pointing fingers at Facebook itself as causing these issues. Instead, studies are making the case that it is our use of Facebook in response to certain challenges in ourselves (like low self-esteem), which determines these negative impacts.

A study published recently in BMC Psychology, in August 2018, investigated adult attachment styles while using Facebook in an adult population of Facebook users.

The study investigated the users’ levels of psychological distress, self-esteem, and insecure attachment styles. These factors were compared with the amount of problematic Facebook they were engaging in.

A common relationship was found between attachment anxiety problems with problematic activities on Facebook. Other factors may also have been involved, such as low self-esteem and distress issues.

Perhaps this can make us wonder whether the tool of Facebook is problematic in itself, or whether it can simply be mis-used by those already experiencing certain psychological anxieties.

The scientists concluded that Facebook users who had many attachment insecurities tended to use Facebook to fulfill unmet attachment needs. This would be particularly the case for those with low self-esteem and experiencers of psychological distress.

You can read further on this published study here.

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6 thoughts on “Can Facebook use be linked to mental health problems? This study suggests so..

  1. All I know is my kid gets more mopey when she’s on her phone extended periods. We don’t understand all the effects, but we can see some consequences of mindless scrolling. We’re missing out on life!

  2. Yes it is linked to mental health problems: the fake pictures, the constant desire to be looked at, the constant desire to share your movements, the urge to stalk and be stalked etc. These are psychological symptoms of despair

  3. It can definitely increase one’s feelings of depression. At times it can also be a way to connect with others. I would like to see more connecting the old school way of handwritten letters and coffee get togethers and less dependence on social media.

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