Words of dumb blog

The Words of Dumb
The words of dumb blog

The words of dumb blog

My blog basically deals with fictional and non-fictional micro tales. 
Nowadays everyone is too busy to read some long stories by any unknown teenage writer so I try to keep my stories short and cryptic. 

I have also planned to post some free verse poems and haikus
My stories always have a hidden remark embarked in their roots.
I have a long story to tell. There is a great reason that inspired me to write. 

I started this blog and used to write a story that inspired me to start writing but it didn’t get a good response so I abandoned that idea and deleted all those posts and started writing these short stories. 

Though I still have the affinity to start writing that story again on my blog  when  attain a good number of followers.

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One thought on “Words of dumb blog

  1. You know Rome wasn’t built in a day my friend. Always remember you write for you first and foremost – you do not specifically write for an audience or a readership. This is not denying that ultimately we write to have our words written, because words come to life once read, but if you write with the expectation that things must be read, you will become greatly disappointed if they are not read. So if you detach that thought from your writing and principally write for yourself first, everything else will fall into place.

    I write a lot of long content, l am verbose in real life, l write for me, if my readerships likes or relates to it they will comment.

    I do not write a lot of fiction, or haiku although l write poetry, not as frequently as l once did.

    How much interaction do you share with the blogs around you? Do you comment a lot on other blogs, do you take part in the prompts and challenges set and established by other bloggers? These are all things that will further encourage you to be read by others.

    Write for you first, if you have a story to tell, tell it, if needs be reblog some of your other stuff, and as your numbers grow so too will your readership.

    Looking at your stats you have just below 500 readers, ok, the official low down on those is roughly of those lets say 500 you might only have between 10 – 20% max that actually read what you write, the rest will not read you, or merely glance at you, or like you, but not always do they read you – it takes time.

    That’s all – everything is always about time.


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