Ruthie Mbuba blog


My blog Ruthie Mbuba is mostly a platform for me to share my life experiences and what I’ve learnt so far. And the other time, I share my journey of working from home as a freelance writer.

Maybe my blog will share a few skeletons in my closet but I’ll mostly talk of the demons I’ve fought. Particularly the demon of depression. At some point in life, I battled depression which was caused by my life not turning out the way I’d mapped it out in my head. I got lost in the disappointment and it was such a tussle trying to get out of it. I turned to the internet for advice and that’s where I discovered various blogs. Years later, having slayed my demons, I thought “Why not do so for someone else?” My hope is what I share helps readers slay if  just but one monster in your life.

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Dr Gail Beck blog

Dr Gail Beck blog

I am a child psychiatrist with specific expertise in Youth Mental Health and Parenting. I publish a blog about those topics every Monday. I also publish book reviews on Friday.

While these are often about books on mental health, medicine and parenting, sometimes I just write about great books I’ve read. I am writing my own parenting book based on a parenting program that I’ve designed. I have spoken about parenting at conferences nationally and internationally.

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Autism family power blog

Autism family power blog

My name is Robyn Coupe and I am the mother of three kids. Two of my kids are on the autism spectrum. They are at different points on the spectrum and face different challenges. I write about autism and our family in my blog, Autism in Our Nest.

I was encouraged to start my blog after posting pieces about autism on social media during Autism Awareness Month a few years ago. I was told that I brought a concept about autism, like Echolalia, and made it easy for people to understand. The feedback and support were tremendous, so I started blogging.

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Pathikka Travel Blog

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My blog is a travel memoir of the journeys I’ve taken so far. It reflects my thoughts on how I look at a place, its culture, its people, and what I gain at the end of my travel. I combine it with photography I do on these journeys. At the end of the day, through this blog, I relive the moments I spent at different places and try to leave something for the reader as well to take away from my travel stories.
It was my new found desire to travel more and my love for writing that brought this blog to its origin. It was my first solo trip to Hampi, India that made me write about it and share it with friends. For me traveling is more than just following your itinerary blindly without knowing the place and its culture.
My travel experiences have made me see the world from an altogether different angle, and has made me more humble and accepting of the differences in the cultures we live in. Be it offbeat paths, local cuisines, or a small chat with my host, everything adds to my travel experience which I then try to put into words.

See Jay Stark blog

See Jay Stark blog 

I am CJ from where I write short stories, book/movie reviews, and other nonsense. Most of what I write revolves around Science Fiction; Zombies, Aliens, and Video Games. 

I started writing when I was a child. I was a big fan of Star Trek and always had questions about what the kids were doing during all of the events that took place during the shows. I knew there were kids because they were shown now and then, and they had class rooms. Since these questions weren’t being answered in the show, I started writing my own stories to answer myself.

Everything I wrote was kept private for most of my life until a few years ago when I decided to share a short story I wrote about a young boy used as a military experiment. A friend submitted it to a science fiction writing challenge and it wound up placing in the top 10 and being published in one of their quarterly magazines. I was inspired to share some more of my work, and so I started a website. My site has evolved a lot over the years and recently I acquired my own domain.

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Mel’s Cup Of Tea blog


Mel`s cup of tea blog

Hi, I’m Mel. I have always enjoyed writing, but I have never really seen myself as a writer, until now.  This way of expression has always been an undercurrent in my life: madly writing short stories as a child, writing letters to loved ones far away, or to a boyfriend who has broken my heart, and then there were the long essays written during my time at university.

In stressful times, I have always put a pen to paper (or now, I open the notebook in my phone). I reflect, constantly. And I have found myself writing down these reflections. One day, I decided to turn a couple of ideas into something – one, a short story, and the other, a serious article. They didn’t really serve a purpose besides a personal accomplishment, but then it was suggested that I start a blog. So, I did.

My blog is my writing – things that come to mind and interest me, as well as pieces of previous writing. They cover many genres and don’t all fit nicely into one box. But that’s me. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy !

Turning 20 blog

It’s for and all about the 20 year old that feel completely lost, the 30 year old who want to start fresh, the 40 year old who never got the chance to follow their dreams and the 50 year old who want to stop saying “my biggest regret in life..” because you know what? Your life isn’t over!
I m a very passionate writer. I began with my blog to help, allowing the readers to be unconventional, learning to accept and let go. Sharing experiences and opinions on life! I wanted a platform where I could share. Hence, I began!!
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Pianist musings blog

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I have been a pianist my whole life. Through this medium, I have learned so much about art, music, life, people, and creativity, that I wanted to share everything I have learned with the world. I love the way music connects everyone no matter their background.
I studied music in college, and right before I graduated in 2016, one of my mentors suggested in passing that I should start a music blog as a sort of “sound journal” – a way for me to keep learning and help others learn about music as well. So I did !
A Pianist’s Musings discusses interesting moments in music history ranging from fun facts about composers to in-depth looks at the music. I love learning about why a certain composition makes you feel a specific way and sharing my perspective on that.
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Speaking bipolar blog

mental illness blog

Speaking bipolar blog 

My blog is primarily about living with chronic and mental illness, though I also share some posts about my blogging journey. I personally live with Bipolar Disorder and Familial Mediterranean Fever so many of my posts relate to living successfully with those conditions.

I have had about a dozen friends commit suicide and dozens more not get help because they were afraid to talk about mental illness. My hope by starting this blog was to hopefully help get more people talking about mental illness and seeking the help they need.

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Written in the Ink blog

Written In The Ink

Written In the Ink blog

My blog is for writing, photography, art, lifestyle, and all aspects of blogging and blogger`s life.

I love being adventurous and I like to try popular things, I was also inspired by other bloggers to start my own blog, it’s been two years and I’m not looking back!

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