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My blog is a travel memoir of the journeys I’ve taken so far. It reflects my thoughts on how I look at a place, its culture, its people, and what I gain at the end of my travel. I combine it with photography I do on these journeys. At the end of the day, through this blog, I relive the moments I spent at different places and try to leave something for the reader as well to take away from my travel stories.
It was my new found desire to travel more and my love for writing that brought this blog to its origin. It was my first solo trip to Hampi, India that made me write about it and share it with friends. For me traveling is more than just following your itinerary blindly without knowing the place and its culture.
My travel experiences have made me see the world from an altogether different angle, and has made me more humble and accepting of the differences in the cultures we live in. Be it offbeat paths, local cuisines, or a small chat with my host, everything adds to my travel experience which I then try to put into words.

Being pointless blog

Being pointless
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By profession I am a full time Human Resource professional. I am a full-Time wife, daughter and sister. During the day I play various roles except for Myself. My blog Being pointless is a place and where I can be myself. The blog represents me, who I am, what is on my mind.
I basically write about the little things that I observe. Life values that inspire me. Traditions that annoy me. And I share my experience, asking the readers for their opinions and experiences. Usually the things I write, I get a feedback that people can relate to it easily. Its everyday its pointless.
I am into a lot of creative and artistic things. I do wall painting, DIY projects, event management, voracious reading, travelling, singing, dancing and writing. Job is for filling stomach but rest is for filling the soul. I love my blog and am proud of finally getting the courage to do my own blog.
Shared by: Grishma Pattni

Dynamic mentality blog

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My blog is a lifestyle and travel blog that delves into the day in the life of a twenty-something year old in today’s modern world. I talk a lot about mental health, how to approach different situations, as well as talk about other things that interest me, like books and music. When referring to someone in a story, I’ll use gender neutral pronouns.

I was inspired to create this blog because I’ve always had ideas in my head about things I wanted to talk about, but literally no one to talk about them with.

Originally my blog started out as a way for me to tie faith into my everyday life, like a Christian blog, but there was only so much I felt that I could do with it, before I got bored. So I rebranded and created A Dynamic Mentality a year later.

The two Doctors blog

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train ride 

The two Doctors blog 

I avoid Blog Awards like the chain mail promotions they are, I refuse to answers 10 personal questions about myself to satisfy somebody else’s blog, but reblogs and writing a freeform story about one’s blog seems perfectly acceptable to me, correction …. to both of us. I’m drafting this post sipping a glass of Picpoul de Pinet listening to Bob Dylan ….. Blowin’ in The Wind waiting for the beef joint in the oven to reach perfection, which might reveal more about us than any written word.

French wines

“The Two Doctors” was a comment made by John Cleese in an episode of the brilliant TV series Fawlty Towers, picked up by some close friends who said over dinner one evening …. “that’s you two”, and it’s stuck for 40 years. The Two Doctors blog is a reflection of our lives rather than a blog that is motivated by …… anything! We met as PhD students, hence two ACTUAL doctors, one a scientist, the other a psychologist. Both Buddhists. These are the facts about us that infuse our blog and its posts.

We seem to remember our first blog being about mountaineering, travelling annually to see family in Nepal mixed with hard trekking and even harder summiting of 20,000 ft+ peaks. You’ll find a few of those posts from over 20 years ago buried on our blog. We retired early and started to travel, luxury stuff around Europe, then China, India, Nepal of course, and even a three week rail trip coast to coast USA. For the next couple of years this was the blog now called “It is Better to Arrive than to Travel”; think about it! Then we created and ran an education aid charity in Nepal developing 200 schools and training 2000 teachers … Nepal Schools Aid, absorbed into our current blog. Our work in Nepal lasted for eight years and ended three years ago ….. the blog? It now morphed around our hobby of wine collecting and was called “Buddha Walks into a Wine Bar” reflecting our Buddhist faith, wine collecting and interest in ancient philosophy. Posts were an eclectic mix of these three topics, often merging and often written as a conversation between ourselves and Buddha, who we call Sid (do you know why?) in a wine bar. And finally, at the beginning of this year we began a project searching Dr B’s family history ….


So the blog title changed to “Buddha Walks into a Library” which seems more apt than meeting the holy one in a wine bar! Dr C’s family are all from Kathmandu and no DNA testing is going to reveal migration from Africa or Europe; her family are of the Newar caste and all of the surname Tuladhar which wouldn’t help census record searching in Kathmandu even if there were any! Dr B’s family all originate in southern England, Cornwall or Kent, mostly being tin miners or agricultural workers going back to medieval times, but what interests him the most is revealing the historical context of their lives within each generation such as The Wars of The Roses, Dissolution of The Monasteries, The Poor Law, The Corn Laws, The English Civil War, The Industrial Revolution and of course ……. Bloody Brexit! I’ll shut up! Best regards from The Two Doctors …… and Sid of course!

Rachel Hill blog

Rachel Hill blog

Rachel Hill blog 

It’s a personal blog with no fixed format or agenda; I write about whatever is going on. The threads that tie my posts together are honesty, authenticity, growth and awareness.

A year ago I dismantled my old life; I gave up my career, sold my house, gave away 90% of my possessions, and with my husband went off to South East Asia, mainly India, to travel for a year.

I am currently completing a personal memoir of that year, a homage to the beauty of India and reflections on the personal process of the trip.

That year was a reset and hugely important in terms of personal growth. Having just returned to the UK the challenge now is to build a new life ‘outside of the matrix,’ capitalizing on the gains of the past year without giving into fear.

Currently my posts are mainly personal reflections re managing fear, frequency levels and awareness, as well as extracts from my travel memoir.

Oh and we now live on a narrow boat in rural Northamptonshire, so expect everyday tales of swans and life on the riverbank as well.

I started blogging in 2014. I was writing a book about my ‘spiritual awakening’ which felt like a lot of hard work; blogging felt easy in comparison.

I liked the immediacy of blogging. It suited me as I tried to work things out, and allowed me to change my mind from post to post as my ideas evolved.

I still feel the same way about it. My blog is my own creative corner of the universe where I can be completely myself.

Submitted by: Rachel Hill

Monkey`s tale blog

Monkey`s tale blog

Monkey`s tale blog

Our blog is called Monkey’s Tale. We have both enjoyed international travel for many years and for the past 16 years have been traveling together.

In 2017 we decided that life is too short, so we decided to travel full-time through South Asia for 20 months. 

As with many travel bloggers, we started Monkey’s Tale to share our adventures and pictures with family and friends. The longer we traveled the more we realized that we were gaining valuable information that other travelers could use.

We are now beginning to include helpful tips for others traveling to these interesting destinations on our blog.  

Shared by: Maggie & Richard
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Ethno blog

    Ethno blog

Ethno blog 

Ethno, my blog, follows my travels around the world and the food I encounter wherever I go. I love finding national specialties or local traditions and I really like trying to replicate these things back home in the UK (with very mixed results).

The main area I focus on is the Balkans, Turkey, the Caucasus and the Middle East but the blog is always evolving so this may well change.

I got to a point in my life where I felt like I was getting stuck in a rut and work was dominating all my time and energy. That’s when I decided to follow my interests and not neglect them anymore. 

I’m never happier than when I’m exploring new places, eating national/regional/local food specialties and speaking foreign languages. Rather than keep this to myself I decided to start sharing my adventures with other people and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of interest I have received. You wouldn’t believe how many people read my post about Azerbaijani vegetarian food !!

Shared by: James Rayner 

Teach abroad Coyle blog

 Teach abroad Coyle blog

Teach abroad Coyle blog

My blog is a blend of international teaching and life experiences I endure while living and teaching abroad. Right now, it is a journey through a cancer diagnosis. In November I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I decided to remain teaching in Uruguay while undergoing chemotherapy. There are posts about teaching experiences, travel experiences, and international medicine experiences. 

I decided to take a leap into the international teaching scene. I had been a public school teacher in the States for six years and needed a change. Sight unseen, I took a job in Montevideo, Uruguay at the American school. Most of my friends and family had never even heard of Uruguay. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have to look it up on a map before signing the contract.

I was inspired to start the blog Teach Abroad Coyle to keep a log of what it was like to teach in a foreign country. It was a way to keep all of my family and friend and former students informed about my new life. It was also a way for me to process the new memories I was making in my new country. 

Shared by: Kim Coyle 

What to see next blog
What to see next blog 

What to see next blog 

We are the regular people who quit their once adventurous lifestyle to settle down in Europe with steady eight-to-four jobs. We want to change the myth that quitting your “boring” job to travel will improve your life. In most cases, it won’t.

Traveling does not require giving up your lifestyle, job, and family. And it’s not true you cannot afford it unless you have a CEO salary. Believe us, if we can afford it, so can you.

Looking for some help or inspiration? Check our ready-to-use travel itineraries and plan your trip in no time.

Shared by: Gabriela and Chris

Evolving life blog

Evolving Life
Evolving Life – How We Do Wellness 

Evolving Life – How We Do Wellness 

This blog, Evolving Life, came about this fall as a part of a 30-day challenge to launch me as a freelance writer. It began as a place to discuss mental health and spirituality as my background is in somatic psychology and spiritual counseling. But as I’ve gotten clarity on what I wanted to focus on, it’s morphed into the broader field of wellness.

So now it’s a place to come and see what’s new in the world of wellness. I share reviews on various wellness businesses, reports on trending wellness practices, and my own reflections on health, fitness, mental health, and relationships. Most recently, I’ve added a page for travel writing, which is a new endeavor that I am so excited to be working on with my partner.

I think life is a process of growth and evolution and that’s why I named the blog Evolving Life. Stop by for a visit!

Fun facts about me:

  • A practitioner of yoga for 20 years, I’m a certified yoga instructor and have taught yoga on 3 continents, in 4 countries, and in 3 languages.
  • I taught myself Portuguese in a week using Google Translate in order to teach yoga in the language.
  • My favorite place in the US is South Carolina, where my family is from but I have also lived in Florence, Italy; Cusco, Peru; and Rio, Brazil.
  • I owned and operated a wellness center in which I practiced holistic/spiritual coaching and counseling, taught yoga, and gave energy healing sessions.

When alone, my favorite thing to do is to sing… loudly. 

Shared by: Tamara Jefferies