A Petite Slice of Life blog

A Petite Slice of Life Blog Blog is just a journal of everyday life. I do a lot of teaching, running, baking, reading and knitting so that’s mainly what I talk about. I started the blog because every year I try to keep track of all of this stuff in different books and I always… Read More


Write into life blog

                        Write into life blog Write into Life blog  “Write Into Life — Rachel McAlpine on writing, blogging, and staying alive until we die” I began this blog to document my personal “boot camp for the bonus years” in 2015. This eccentric boot camp… Read More

Teach abroad Coyle blog

 Teach abroad Coyle blog Teach abroad Coyle blog My blog is a blend of international teaching and life experiences I endure while living and teaching abroad. Right now, it is a journey through a cancer diagnosis. In November I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I decided to remain teaching in Uruguay while undergoing chemotherapy. There… Read More

Educated Unemployed Indian Blog

Educated Unemployed Indian blog  The name of my blog is Educated Unemployed Indian and it is about situations that an educated unemployed (like myself) deals with in everyday life. The blog is not exactly about unemployment, rather I would say, it’s about being unemployed. Unemployment is a part of the life of an unemployed person,… Read More