My mind speaks aloud blog

My mind speaks aloud blog logo My mind speaks aloud - LIFESTYLE, WELLBEING, CREATIVE WRITING + BOOK, FILM AND MUSIC REVIEWS I started my blog in May 2016, whilst studying for my A levels, with the intention of creating a small space to share my thoughts with the world. I named it ‘My Mind Speaks … Continue reading My mind speaks aloud blog

Kiwi kid comics blog

I am CJ from Kiwi Kid Comics blog where I write short stories, book/movie reviews, and other nonsense. Most of what I write revolves around Science Fiction; Zombies, Aliens, and Video Games. I started writing when I was a child. I was a big fan of Star Trek and always had questions about what the … Continue reading Kiwi kid comics blog

Elizabeth Gauffreau blog

Elizabeth Gauffreau blog Elizabeth Gauffreau blog In 2016, I had just finished final revisions on a novel that I thoughtmight actually be publishable (unlike the other two I had previouslyattempted). When I researched the current publishing landscape to get upto speed on what it would take to get the novel published, I encounteredthe phrase "building … Continue reading Elizabeth Gauffreau blog

Moments blog

Moments blog Moments blog My name is Marta Pombo Sallés. I come from Catalonia and I am a German and English teacher working in a high school near Barcelona. I have been teaching both languages since 1990. Both at work and in my free time I always feel the need to create things.This blog is … Continue reading Moments blog