Ask Jane blog

Ask Jane blog 

My blog gives tips on how to challenge day to day problems we face. From global warming to heartbreak to throwing parties… etc. Its meant to serve and inspire people to not fear, be brave and be the best they can. I also plan to share some personal experiences in order to connect with my readers, and to help people see the silver lining in every dark cloud.

There were many factors that inspired me,  but I think mostly the society. When I look around, I see a lot of people in the wrong places, people who can go far if they had someone to give them a boost. I was once told, it isn’t until you are rich or old that you can start doing something to change the world. I decided to start this blog to try to change the world in any small way I can and to serve the different people of the world.

Shared by:  Jane Eloundou



Rachel Hill blog

Rachel Hill blog

Rachel Hill blog 

It’s a personal blog with no fixed format or agenda; I write about whatever is going on. The threads that tie my posts together are honesty, authenticity, growth and awareness.

A year ago I dismantled my old life; I gave up my career, sold my house, gave away 90% of my possessions, and with my husband went off to South East Asia, mainly India, to travel for a year.

I am currently completing a personal memoir of that year, a homage to the beauty of India and reflections on the personal process of the trip.

That year was a reset and hugely important in terms of personal growth. Having just returned to the UK the challenge now is to build a new life ‘outside of the matrix,’ capitalizing on the gains of the past year without giving into fear.

Currently my posts are mainly personal reflections re managing fear, frequency levels and awareness, as well as extracts from my travel memoir.

Oh and we now live on a narrow boat in rural Northamptonshire, so expect everyday tales of swans and life on the riverbank as well.

I started blogging in 2014. I was writing a book about my ‘spiritual awakening’ which felt like a lot of hard work; blogging felt easy in comparison.

I liked the immediacy of blogging. It suited me as I tried to work things out, and allowed me to change my mind from post to post as my ideas evolved.

I still feel the same way about it. My blog is my own creative corner of the universe where I can be completely myself.

Submitted by: Rachel Hill

Extra mile blog

The Extra Mile blog 

My blog has a little bit of everything in it… but most importantly it`s got a lot of ‘love’ put into every one of its posts. There’s a little bit of me in every post I write. 

Inspiration is a funny thing, you could look at a bird and be inspired or simply sit on a chair, listen to a speaker and be inspired. None of that happened to me though. 

I am very rarely inspired by people or things. Sometimes, it is just that spot decision I make to do/start something and I’ve got to do it. The journey of the creation of this blog was something like that. And of course I did have many many thoughts that made more sense to start writing them down, then just let them get away. I couldn’t have been more pleased by the decision of starting a blog and for the many choices I’ve made in life, this one ranks right up there, in my top 3.

Shared by: Savio Paes

The dust season blog

The Dust Season blog 

Put on the spot, I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what I blog about… except to say, whatever takes my fancy. I expound on what life throws me, what hairpin curves I finesse and what nosedives my plans take. 

It is a tale of victories and sorrows, wrapped in a suburban bow.

There might be cupcakes or dragons on any given day. And some days, both.

Or neither.

Which rhymes with EE-thor or Eye-thor, depending on my mood.

Some days it rains.

Other days, I’m out in the garden and can’t be bothered to show up.

Generally, silliness rules.