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My blog is basically a personal reflection of me, and everything I love in my life. Whether it’s poetry, music, or different blog topics and etc. There’s something for everyone to gravitate towards to and enjoy.
The thing that inspired me to start my blog was actually taking a step back from social media. When I stripped back everything and became in tune with myself I let things come naturally to me. I started doing a lot of creative things and from there I was just finding out how I can implement those things into the world, and the blog happened to be one of them. With the variety of categories you can see I like to do many things, so again, it’s just a personal expression of me.
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Ruthie Mbuba blog


My blog Ruthie Mbuba is mostly a platform for me to share my life experiences and what I’ve learnt so far. And the other time, I share my journey of working from home as a freelance writer.

Maybe my blog will share a few skeletons in my closet but I’ll mostly talk of the demons I’ve fought. Particularly the demon of depression. At some point in life, I battled depression which was caused by my life not turning out the way I’d mapped it out in my head. I got lost in the disappointment and it was such a tussle trying to get out of it. I turned to the internet for advice and that’s where I discovered various blogs. Years later, having slayed my demons, I thought “Why not do so for someone else?” My hope is what I share helps readers slay if  just but one monster in your life.

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