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Blog is about Synths, cats, music, movies and life. That’s my tagline. It’s about artists helping other artists, regardless of medium. I’ll find a way for you to contribute if you’re interested. It’s about my learning process, gear reviews, and random musings. I have one contributor who’s big on horror movie reviews. Her name is Eve.
A genuine lack of musicians in my area inspired me to start my blog. I had no one to work with or share what I’d written, so I said the hell with it and bought a domain. Since then, I’ve been hunting down fellow musicians for interviews and their stories. Many are happy for the exposure.
As my contributor puts it, it’s mutually beneficial and we get to remain an ‘underground’ and ‘cutting edge’ site. Also, I’m inspired by my love of synths. As a Musician with a bum right arm, these doo-dads keep me going. I can keep writing without the pain drumming was causing me.
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I have been a pianist my whole life. Through this medium, I have learned so much about art, music, life, people, and creativity, that I wanted to share everything I have learned with the world. I love the way music connects everyone no matter their background.
I studied music in college, and right before I graduated in 2016, one of my mentors suggested in passing that I should start a music blog as a sort of “sound journal” – a way for me to keep learning and help others learn about music as well. So I did !
A Pianist’s Musings discusses interesting moments in music history ranging from fun facts about composers to in-depth looks at the music. I love learning about why a certain composition makes you feel a specific way and sharing my perspective on that.
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