Turning 20 blog

It’s for and all about the 20 year old that feel completely lost, the 30 year old who want to start fresh, the 40 year old who never got the chance to follow their dreams and the 50 year old who want to stop saying “my biggest regret in life..” because you know what? Your life isn’t over!
I m a very passionate writer. I began with my blog to help, allowing the readers to be unconventional, learning to accept and let go. Sharing experiences and opinions on life! I wanted a platform where I could share. Hence, I began!!
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Nothing is Permanent Blog

Nothing is Permanent Blog is about a variety of experiences told through the eyes and mind of a millennial baby.

From self love, beautiful mistakes, happy regrets, infidelities, sacrifices, insecurities the list is never ending. 

As cliché as it sounds heartbreak is what inspired me. Our toughest times is when your creativeness takes control and our minds wonder what if I closed my journal and began sharing my story with the world.

I was told my pain wouldn’t be permanent because nothing is, including life itself. As you can see I ran with it.