Professionals health connection blog

Professionals health connection blog - LIFESTYLE HEALTH – EXERCISE MOTIVATION – FITNESS INSPIRATION Our blog is about giving people small tips that can make a big impact on their health. Small lifestyle changes that they can live with. Our focus: We only provide health and fitness information, articles, and stories. We do not endorse diets, … Continue reading Professionals health connection blog

Teaching abroad blog

Teaching abroad blog Teaching abroad blog My blog is a blend of international teaching and life experiences I endure while living and teaching abroad. Right now, it is a journey through a cancer diagnosis. In November I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I decided to remain teaching in Uruguay while undergoing chemotherapy. There are posts … Continue reading Teaching abroad blog

Life`s fine whine blog

Life`s fine whine blog My blog is called lifesfinewhine - Beauty Blogger + Lifestyle Blogger+ Food Blogger+ Travel Blogger+ Recipe Blogger  My blog includes multiple topics and is not about one topic in particular. The topics I write about include book review, makeup, poetry, motivational Mondays and much more. I also allow guest posting and … Continue reading Life`s fine whine blog

New Lune beauty blog

New Lune blog- beauty and lifestyle blog New Lune blog -A blog full of tips, inspiration and freebies! New Lune is a beauty & lifestyle blog written in English and French. I feature a variety of posts ranging from blogging tips to products reviews, study tips to home décor ideas in order to give inspiration … Continue reading New Lune beauty blog

Fashion Hedge blog

fashion hedge blog Fashion hedge blog - Your smart lifestyle guide I created fashion hedge blog to talk about ethical fashion and let people know different ways in which they can become more conscious when it comes to fashion. I provide facts and data and also some pictures of myself . I have not seen … Continue reading Fashion Hedge blog