Motivation environment blog

Motivation environment blog  Question 1: what lead you to start blogging? It might be funny to say this, but joblessness made me start blogging about 7 years ago. Since I was young, I liked writing, but didn’t have any direction, or know what to do, or where to start from. However, the internet changed my … Continue reading Motivation environment blog

Educated Unemployed Indian Blog

The name of my blog is Educated Unemployed Indian and it is about situations that an educated unemployed (like myself) deals with in everyday life. The blog is not exactly about unemployment, rather I would say, it's about being unemployed. Unemployment is a part of the life of an unemployed person, but it is only … Continue reading Educated Unemployed Indian Blog

Murder in Common blog

Murder in Common blog (MiC)) is about crime fiction books and their authors. Mainly, it features debut and mid-list writers, with the occasional personal post. MiC also includes links to my published Flash Fiction. The blog started as a project for a University of Toronto social media program. My classmates were supportive of the idea … Continue reading Murder in Common blog

Middle Me Blog

Middle Me Blog  I started the website with the intention to share career advice with those who felt that they are stuck in their jobs, not knowing how, where and when to get out. Many of us have so much passion in our lives but we are not living it.  MiddleMe empowers you to make … Continue reading Middle Me Blog