Written in the ink blog

written in the ink blog image- typewriter Written In the Ink blog - Inspiration, Life and Dreams | Graphics + Blog Designer My blog is for writing, photography, art, lifestyle, and all aspects of blogging and #bloggerlife. I love being adventurous and I like to try popular things, I was also inspired by other bloggers … Continue reading Written in the ink blog

Humor and Style blog

Humor and Style online fashion magazine My name is Eudy Bassey and I am a fashion writer, blogger and owner of Humour & Style - is an online fashion magazine with a dose of humour. It covers topics ranging from fashion, hair, beauty and a bit of banter (laughter doesn't hurt, does it? Lol). For laughter, … Continue reading Humor and Style blog

Monkey`s tale blog

Monkey`s tale blog Monkey`s tale blog - An Adventure Travel Blog We have both enjoyed international travel for many years and for the past 16 years have been traveling together. In 2017 we decided that life is too short, so we decided to travel full-time through south Asia for 20 months.  As with many travel … Continue reading Monkey`s tale blog

Gehad`s journey blog

Gehad`s journey blog There is a phase in everyone's life where anxiety pays us a visit. It is a heavy guest, but still the best guru. I have decided to write down my feelings and thoughts in order to get rid of these vibes and move forward. I am a free spirit full speaking my … Continue reading Gehad`s journey blog

Seeking my utopia blog

Seeking my utopia blog Seeking my utopia blog My blog is about breaking free from the herd - whether it is to attain free financial literacy to be financially independent or to overcome life's challenges and succeed, I write my heart out in hopes of helping someone out there.Life is a combination of various hills … Continue reading Seeking my utopia blog

Sagar Samy blog

Sagar Samy blog - Media Blogger & Social Media Influencer “In a country full of Instagrammers, I decided to be a Blogger.”Hello, myself Sagar Samy – Media Blogger and Social Media Influencer fromKarachi, Pakistan. Being blogger and influencer, you need to be an all-rounder.The journey of blogging started in 2015 when I thought to have … Continue reading Sagar Samy blog