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The Number 26 blog 

The goal of the 26 is to capture the mundane. This blog is comprised of passages about passengers on the number 26 bus line. This is a fictional imaginary bus set in a very tangible world. The bus and the passengers that ride it exist nowhere, and yet, in a genuine sense, they live everywhere. They are us, and we are them, in so far as our own humanness connects us. This is the point of the blog, to capture what it means to be human.

I’ve always been inspired by the mundane, the simple, and the everyday heroes. So I wanted to create a blog that was built around celebrating the simple quotidian, the omnipresence, the ubiquitous (such ridiculous words) passengers on a bus. Although it’s become increasingly more fantastical and fictional as the stories have gone on. (now we have stuff like the number 26 steampunkish airship).

What the blog’s really about though are writers. I know what it’s like for a writer, particularly new ones, to be submitting their work to various places, and getting turned down without any feedback or constructive criticism. And it isn’t that the story is terrible per se, but that it just isn’t what they’re looking for- doesn’t fit their concept.

I liken this blog to a bathroom wall, covered in graffiti. People come and go and just sort of scribble their stories onto the walls. In this strange way, the content can always be moving, and the themes and styles always changing.

So, I love reading and editing peoples stories. And I always offer my most sincere commentary.  Thus far, the word counts of my comments, feedback, and edits have surpassed that of the actual stories themselves.

So the blog is still relatively new, and it’s still very small. And I hope it remains so, otherwise, as this is just a hobby, I wouldn’t have the time to give everyone the response they deserve when they post. I like the fact that the blog is something that doesn’t try to be found, but yet it still CAN BE found occasionally. It’s a tiny hole in the wall of the internet.

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