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Murder in Common blog

Murder in Common blog  is about crime fiction books and their authors. Mainly, it features debut and mid-list writers, with the occasional personal post. MiC also includes links to my published Flash Fiction.

The blog started as a project for a University of Toronto social media program. My classmates were supportive of the idea and as I love crime fiction, it was a natural pairing. 

Since then, I’ve joined Sisters in Crime, SinC Toronto, and was a panelist at Bouchercon – Toronto. All in all it’s been very rewarding.

Submitted by: June Lorraine Roberts


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    1. Thank you so much, for sharing your story. My goal is get as much attention as I can to blogs and pretty soon I am planning to add features to help fellow Bloggers to get more traffic to their blogs. Thank you again and Happy Blogging !

  1. Woow this is good,please am hosting a picture story episode today,you will find the details about it on my last post,it would be a pleasure if you could join us?

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