The Alchemist blog

Raku pottery The Alchemist's Studio blog documents my journey with clay and experiments with the raku firing process.  Raku firing creates one of a kind glazing effects known for many dramatic patterns, textures, which adds an element of unpredictably.  For many of my raku vases, I also create a story that relates the piece of pottery … Continue reading The Alchemist blog

Teaching abroad blog

Teaching abroad blog Teaching abroad blog My blog is a blend of international teaching and life experiences I endure while living and teaching abroad. Right now, it is a journey through a cancer diagnosis. In November I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I decided to remain teaching in Uruguay while undergoing chemotherapy. There are posts … Continue reading Teaching abroad blog

Dreaming reality blog

Dreaming reality blog Dreaming reality blog - If Existence is a dream, let us dream perfection…. My name is Cheryl. I started my first blog on the suggestion of my oldest son while we were living in Costa Rica, as a means to share our experiences with family and friends back home. Being an avid … Continue reading Dreaming reality blog

Sagar Samy blog

Sagar Samy blog - Media Blogger & Social Media Influencer “In a country full of Instagrammers, I decided to be a Blogger.”Hello, myself Sagar Samy – Media Blogger and Social Media Influencer fromKarachi, Pakistan. Being blogger and influencer, you need to be an all-rounder.The journey of blogging started in 2015 when I thought to have … Continue reading Sagar Samy blog

What to see next blog

What to see next blog What to see next blog - Travel ideas and inspirations - Because you don't have to quit your job to travel! We are the regular people who quit their once adventurous lifestyle to settle down in Europe with steady eight-to-four jobs. We want to change the myth that quitting your “boring” … Continue reading What to see next blog

Comic Vault blog

Comic Vault Blog The Comic Vault Blog - Unlock your inner geek and step inside! Comics are one of my biggest sources of inspiration. I think superheroes are very relatable and it made me want to write about them. I started The Comic Vault in 2016 and published comic reviews. A big part of the … Continue reading Comic Vault blog

Words of dumb blog

The words of dumb blog The words of dumb blog My blog basically deals with fictional and non-fictional micro tales. Nowadays everyone is too busy to read some long stories by any unknown teenage writer so I try to keep my stories short and cryptic. I have also planned to post some free verse poems and haikus. My stories … Continue reading Words of dumb blog