Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage


Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage is about chickens and other pets, gardening, wildlife, environmental issues, curious places, fitness challenges and mini adventures. 

I felt inspired to write my blog in September 2017, after getting chickens. It felt it would be a good idea to record my experiences of learning about hen keeping and try and learn from them. My blog has grown from that and has become more varied but always about issues and interests I have a passion about. 

Secondly, I always wanted to get back into writing but never got round to it and now, with my blog, I feel motivated again. I enjoy writing it and I’d like to think that readers will find ‘Cosy Cottage’ a positive place and enjoy visiting. 

        Clare from Dreams and Adventures at Cosy Cottage 



Commonplace fun facts

commonplace fun facts blog logo

Commonplace started off as a project with my four sons. We all have an interest in obscure pieces of information and thought it would be fun to put our collective research in one place that could be shared easily. Five years and 1,100+ posts later, Commonplace has taken on a life of its own.

Every time I sit down to write an addition to Commonplace, I feel a bit like Doctor Who, about to get in his TARDIS, as I realize that all of time and space is available as a topic. I ask, “What do I want to learn about today?” The result might be about history, science, science fiction, comic books, or any random piece of information that strikes my fancy. Some days I may be inspired to write 1,000 words. Other days, it may be nothing more than a one- or two-sentence tidbit. The experience is really liberating and a wonderful diversion from the stresses of the day.

Attached is the logo, and it represents what Commonplace is all about. The stylized “C” stands for “Commonplace”. It is also the shell for an astronaut’s helmet, which represents space — the biggest subject to explore. The electrons swirling around the helmet represent the subatomic realm — the smallest subject to explore. The multi-sized diamonds represent bits of data in the digital realm — the means by which Commonplace is compiled and distributed.

All of the elements tie into and depend on each other, because, ultimately, there is no such thing as “useless” knowledge; anything and everything we can learn has value. This philosophy can be seen in the quote from “The Way of Chuang Tzu” in the “About” page.

Shared by: Michael 

Chuck W Records blog

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Chuck W Records blog logo
Blog is about Synths, cats, music, movies and life. That’s my tagline. It’s about artists helping other artists, regardless of medium. I’ll find a way for you to contribute if you’re interested. It’s about my learning process, gear reviews, and random musings. I have one contributor who’s big on horror movie reviews. Her name is Eve.
A genuine lack of musicians in my area inspired me to start my blog. I had no one to work with or share what I’d written, so I said the hell with it and bought a domain. Since then, I’ve been hunting down fellow musicians for interviews and their stories. Many are happy for the exposure.
As my contributor puts it, it’s mutually beneficial and we get to remain an ‘underground’ and ‘cutting edge’ site. Also, I’m inspired by my love of synths. As a Musician with a bum right arm, these doo-dads keep me going. I can keep writing without the pain drumming was causing me.
Shared by: Chuck W.

Number 26 blog


The Number 26 blog 

The goal of the 26 is to capture the mundane. This blog is comprised of passages about passengers on the number 26 bus line. This is a fictional imaginary bus set in a very tangible world. The bus and the passengers that ride it exist nowhere, and yet, in a genuine sense, they live everywhere. They are us, and we are them, in so far as our own humanness connects us. This is the point of the blog, to capture what it means to be human.

I’ve always been inspired by the mundane, the simple, and the everyday heroes. So I wanted to create a blog that was built around celebrating the simple quotidian, the omnipresence, the ubiquitous (such ridiculous words) passengers on a bus. Although it’s become increasingly more fantastical and fictional as the stories have gone on. (now we have stuff like the number 26 steampunkish airship).

What the blog’s really about though are writers. I know what it’s like for a writer, particularly new ones, to be submitting their work to various places, and getting turned down without any feedback or constructive criticism. And it isn’t that the story is terrible per se, but that it just isn’t what they’re looking for- doesn’t fit their concept.

I liken this blog to a bathroom wall, covered in graffiti. People come and go and just sort of scribble their stories onto the walls. In this strange way, the content can always be moving, and the themes and styles always changing.

So, I love reading and editing peoples stories. And I always offer my most sincere commentary.  Thus far, the word counts of my comments, feedback, and edits have surpassed that of the actual stories themselves.

So the blog is still relatively new, and it’s still very small. And I hope it remains so, otherwise, as this is just a hobby, I wouldn’t have the time to give everyone the response they deserve when they post. I like the fact that the blog is something that doesn’t try to be found, but yet it still CAN BE found occasionally. It’s a tiny hole in the wall of the internet.

Shared by: Jacob Myers 

Fashion hedge blog


Fashion hedge blog

I created my blog to talk about ethical fashion and let people know different ways in which they can become for conscious when it comes to fashion. I provide facts and data and also some pictures of myself .

I have not seen many ethical fashion blogs out there and mine is written from a different perspective than most, often trying to quantify and offer supporting data.

I am not exactly a fashion blogger, since such blogs mainly post pictures of women wearing overpriced garments. I talk about fashion in a way most people don’t, incorporating economics and sustainability analysis.

People can realize ethical fashion is not a hippie load of crap, but a necessary step for the fashion industry and that the human lives are worth more than having 100 dresses in your closet.

Shared by: Yarina Valverde

Ask Jane blog

Ask Jane blog 

My blog gives tips on how to challenge day to day problems we face. From global warming to heartbreak to throwing parties… etc. Its meant to serve and inspire people to not fear, be brave and be the best they can. I also plan to share some personal experiences in order to connect with my readers, and to help people see the silver lining in every dark cloud.

There were many factors that inspired me,  but I think mostly the society. When I look around, I see a lot of people in the wrong places, people who can go far if they had someone to give them a boost. I was once told, it isn’t until you are rich or old that you can start doing something to change the world. I decided to start this blog to try to change the world in any small way I can and to serve the different people of the world.

Shared by:  Jane Eloundou


Creative Chronicles of Dave Stancliff blog

Young funny man in glasses writing on typewriter

Creative Chronicles of Dave Stancliff blog 

Welcome to my blog, The Creative Chronicles of Dave Stancliff – https://asitstands.blog/ – My House of Words features flash fiction, science fiction, fiction, poetry, and essays. I’m a retired newspaper editor and publisher who’s secret desire was to write fiction and poetry. I felt like a kid in a candy shop when I started this blog nearly three years ago. I was able to let my imagination soar like a bird with every word. Not only do I enjoy writing fiction and poetry, I love reading them.

By making contact with other fiction and poetry writers I’ve been able to expand my horizons and double my pleasure. This year I set a goal of writing something every day. So far, so good. My muse has been kind to me. I look forward to making new contacts and friends on this website.

Shared by: Dave Stancliff

Oukas nation blog

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My blog is basically a personal reflection of me, and everything I love in my life. Whether it’s poetry, music, or different blog topics and etc. There’s something for everyone to gravitate towards to and enjoy.
The thing that inspired me to start my blog was actually taking a step back from social media. When I stripped back everything and became in tune with myself I let things come naturally to me. I started doing a lot of creative things and from there I was just finding out how I can implement those things into the world, and the blog happened to be one of them. With the variety of categories you can see I like to do many things, so again, it’s just a personal expression of me.
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My mind speaks aloud blog

my mind speaks aloud blog logo
my mind speaks aloud blog logo

My mind speaks aloud blog

I started my blog in May 2016, whilst studying for my A levels, with the intention of creating a small space to share my thoughts with the world. I named it ‘My Mind Speaks Aloud’ because I was always known as ‘quiet’, despite the fact that my mind is always extremely loud. Creating this blog was a way of proving that I do have a voice and learning to believe in that voice. It taught me how to open up to others and understand and accept myself as a person.

Now, in my second year of studying English Literature with Creative Writing at university, my blog has become a timeline of my thoughts and progression into adulthood. I’ve struggled a lot with social anxiety over the past few years so my blog has been really important in my journey to grow my self-confidence.

On my blog you can find:

  • Reviews on books, music and films
  • Creative Writing (poetry, flash fiction, etc.)
  • Deeper thoughts I have about the world and humanity
  • Occasional ramblings about my life

Keep calm it is life blog

Final Keep Calm its Life Logo Design (canva)

Keep calm it is life blog 

My blog is a parenting lifestyle blog, centered around parents straying away from perfect parenting. For years, I attempted the facade of perfect parenting and I failed miserably. I wanted to encourage other parents to live their best lives without trying to do and be everything perfect.

We provide parenting hacks, tips and provide a platform to explore life outside of parenting as well. I have an element of fitness to my blog, because I used to weigh nearly 400 pounds and lost over 200 pounds of it. I encourage other men & women to live healthy lives with their children. We also travel, and seek adventure as a family. Coming soon we will be sharing Colorado’s best adventures. 

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