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My animal blog, formerly Dennis’s Diary of Destruction, currently The Hipster Kitties, actually started out as one or two posts on my author blog about a vizsla we had taken in from rescue. He and two brothers and (we think) the group’s mother had been found wandering in a canyon in Lake Elsinore. We fostered one of the boys and quickly adopted him and named him Dennis — not after Dennis the Menace, as everyone always assumed, but after Dennis the Constitutional Peasant from the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Anyway I posted a picture of poor, sad, scared, starving, nearly-hairless Dennis, with a note about his situation with the canyon, and it quickly got far more attention than any of my writing-related posts. So since people seemed to be interested in how he was doing, I did a follow-up post. Then another one. Then another one. Then I gave Dennis his own blog, which combined both his true-life activities (Going to the dog park! Becoming a flyball athlete! Being terrorized by a homeless parakeet that we took in!) with his absurd adventures in archeology, outer space, the past, the future, etc., usually accompanied by his pack mates Tucker and Trixie and his kitty sibling/arch-enemy Trouble, and an ever-shifting array of nemeses, such as the Ninja Hedgehogs, Bob the Pyromaniac Builder, the Kongleks, and so on. And all without the benefit of punctuation or proper spelling!

Dennis entertained his “nice reederz” for over ten years, being joined by a new array of imaginary friends as first Trouble, then Tucker, then Trixie passed away, then getting a couple of new real friends in the Hipster Kitties, Charlie and Chaplin. On October 31, 2018, after battling an inoperable osteosarcoma for nearly a year, Dennis crossed the Rainbow Bridge and the blog passed on to the Hipster Kitties. They have just recently been joined by Lulu, a new canine sibling from the Humane Society. Although their adventures have yet to rival Dennis’s in either scope or absurdity, they all do their best to continue his longstanding tradition of silliness and making messes.


4 thoughts on “The Hipster Kitties (formerly Dennis’s Diary of Destruction)

  1. Lulu: “So that’s where Dennis came from. Charlee and Chaplin, why didn’t you tell me all this?”
    Charlee: “Well, you were new. We didn’t want to worry you with the ninja hedgehogs and all that.”

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