Kiwi kid comics blog

I am CJ from Kiwi Kid Comics blog where I write short stories, book/movie reviews, and other nonsense. Most of what I write revolves around Science Fiction; Zombies, Aliens, and Video Games.

I started writing when I was a child. I was a big fan of Star Trek and always had questions about what the kids were doing during all of the events that took place during the shows. I knew there were kids because they were shown now and then, and they had class rooms. Since these questions weren’t being answered in the show, I started writing my own stories to answer myself.

Everything I wrote was kept private for most of my life until a few years ago when I decided to share a short story I wrote about a young boy used as a military experiment. A friend submitted it to a science fiction writing challenge and it wound up placing in the top 10 and being published in one of their quarterly magazines.

I was inspired to share some more of my work, and so I started a website. My site has evolved a lot over the years and recently I acquired my own domain.

Shared by: CJ Stark

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