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Welcome to my blog, The Creative Chronicles of Dave Stancliff – My House of Words features flash fiction, science fiction, fiction, poetry, and essays.

I’m a retired newspaper editor and publisher who’s secret desire was to write fiction and poetry. I felt like a kid in a candy shop when I started this blog nearly three years ago. I was able to let my imagination soar like a bird with every word. Not only do I enjoy writing fiction and poetry, I love reading them.

By making contact with other fiction and poetry writers I’ve been able to expand my horizons and double my pleasure. This year I set a goal of writing something every day. So far, so good. My muse has been kind to me. I look forward to making new contacts and friends on this website.

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2 thoughts on “Creative chronicles of Dave Stancliff blog

  1. I blog every day too – it is the key to a fulfilling creative life as I seem to have become even more abundant in ideas and words since I re opened my blog last year. A post per day is a great contract to have with yourself. I look forward to your work

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