Dreaming reality blog

Dreaming reality blog

Dreaming reality blog – If Existence is a dream, let us dream perfection….

My name is Cheryl. I started my first blog on the suggestion of my oldest son while we were living in Costa Rica, as a means to share our experiences with family and friends back home. Being an avid photographer and writer, there was so much beauty and peace to be found there. That blog can still be viewed @tropical affair.me It filled to the brim after I posted book chapters from my novel, Forever Never/Dawn of the Dream and from so many photos. 
I now began a new blog here @ Dreaming reality .

This blog also has a variety of posts, including philosophical ideas, a couple of chapters from sequel novel, and the occasional poem. I love participating in weekly prompts s I am able and have my own weekend #free48 series where I share photos from my weekend excursions. 
Most of all, I love meeting so many people from diverse backgrounds and creative souls who, like me, often feel out of place in their day to days lives. We are out here! I would love to meet you and hear about your walk in this dream we call living. 
Love and Light always….

Shared by: Cheryl Pennington

12 thoughts on “Dreaming reality blog

      1. Yes indeed! I am practically new in blogging but I am enjoying it to the hilt. I love to meet and discover people from the four corners of the world. I am marveled at the creative imagination and the fingers of artists. I believe the Creator is the greatest artist of all and we are His reflection. Pottery,poetry, writing, singing, dancing to name a few arts are gifts of God.
        I am an inspirational writer, I give different shapes and forms to words as they dance before my eyes. The potter and the poet are One.

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  1. Hi Cheryl sounds like we may be kindred spirits, I write a long standing personal blog exploring life, feelings, reality, escape the matrix, etc. I live on a narrowboat in rural Northamptonshire and love India. All the best.

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