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Becoming the muse blog


Becoming The Muse
Becoming the muse blog

My blog is Titled Becoming The Muse

Growing up I used to be fascinated conversations with my grandparents and my grandfather would tell stories of our ancestry on  a moonlit
sometimes they were outlandish tales of magic and folklore other times
simply recollections of the old days when history was made.
We don’t sit around fires anymore telling stories into the night and
we are slowly forgetting the beauty and magic in our past, my blog is
my journey into trying to capture the essence of where I am from and
the history happening around me while it is happening, and for the world to see Africa’s narrative from my perspective.
I am a storyteller in a digital world and these are my words.


7 thoughts on “Becoming the muse blog”

  1. “We owe it to each other to tell stories.” (Neil Gaimon) “The first duty of love is to listen.” (Paul Tillech). These are two quotes i love and try to live by. Your blog, Becoming the Muse, really reaches my heart. I have followed you! Thank you also WYBA for another beautiful connection. ♥.

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      1. WYBA, I think your blog is a gift and a wonderful way to connect to other creative hearts — so needed in our world today. What you do is really important and so needed. I think when we meet our creative selves, that is the best part of us – a part people in our everyday lives rarely see. So thank you! “Becoming the Muse” — your blog really touches me so much especially. I also wanted to add that I just began a newsletter last month for a few wise friends called “Village Fire” because I long for this kind of community and circle and stories in my own life. Very grateful for your blog and this connection. I look forward to reading you. ♥.

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