Under 1000 Skies blog

Under 1000 Skies Blog

Under 1000 Skies Blog
Our blog under1000skies is about connecting homeless creatives to each other and to the world. We showcase daily M-F photos, artwork and/or poetry on the website, social media and in our daily email. We also have gallery shows about twice a year. About once a month, we interview and honor those who serve homeless creatives (“Spotlight Saturday”). Some statistics claim that over 90 percent of us are only 2 paychecks away from being homeless. We believe there is no “us” and “them;” only “us.” Connection keeps us strong. 

This blog began on November 11, 2014 on my personal blog, Niki Flow after a conversation on Twitter with author Laurence O’Brien.
Niki Flow- It begins with me.
O’Brien shared an article by Christopher Taylor called “Social Cleansing of the Homeless.” This term “Social cleansing” was an unfamiliar one, and the article was horrifying. When I responded his tweet, O’Brien invited me to do something about it. I’m an agoraphobic with panic disorder. The irony of my situation was not lost on me, but I wanted to help. I was homeless for a short time. After two days, the pain levels from living and sleeping outside were ridiculous — and I was a teenager at the time. So this has always been something close to my heart. Some of my friends in cities around the country agreed to accept the artist packs my family and I put together to distribute in their area. Each pack includes a disposable camera, a warm scarf (for winter; baseball cap in summer) waterproof notebook, pens, lip balm, gum and a waterproof carry pouch. I have learned that our connection to each other is critical to healing our lives and to finding a way back. I believe creativity is where we meet the best, most unfiltered parts of ourselves which we rarely show the world in our daily lives. When we play and create together, we connect deeply and really *see* each other. That was my dream. What grew from that has been connection to some of the most beautiful people I have ever met. 

4 thoughts on “Under 1000 Skies blog

  1. Thank you so much! Oh my goodness, what a thrill it was to see our blog featured on your blog today!!! Thank you so much! Our homeless artists are my heroes. Every single day they live lives we can’t even imagine, face challenges we know nothing about. Yet they are creative and generous and talented, among the kindest people I’ve ever met. So to know you are helping to shine their beauty into the world makes me so happy. Thank you so much! ♥.

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    1. Thank you so much, I am honored to have You sharing your powerful blogging story on ” What You Blog About”. Your story is totally newsworthy. Have you ever been featured on any news outlet yet ? I really hope your blog goes viral and gets more attention. Thank you again for helping talented homeless people.

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      1. Thank you! Not ever featured before. I’m not very good with limelight but I push myself for the artists who deserve the recognition. Thank you again. I’ve found some really great blogs by way of your website. =) ♥.


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