Pathikka travel blog

Pathikka travel blog logo Pathikka Travel Blog - Wayfarer, snapper, and word-smith of travel tales My blog is a travel memoir of the journeys I've taken so far. It reflects my thoughts on how I look at a place, its culture, its people, and what I gain at the end of my travel. I combine … Continue reading Pathikka travel blog

Written in the ink blog

written in the ink blog image- typewriter Written In the Ink blog - Inspiration, Life and Dreams | Graphics + Blog Designer My blog is for writing, photography, art, lifestyle, and all aspects of blogging and #bloggerlife. I love being adventurous and I like to try popular things, I was also inspired by other bloggers … Continue reading Written in the ink blog

Being pointless blog

being pointless blog logo Being pointless blog - Why search for logic in everything? By profession I am a full time Human Resource professional. I am a full-Time wife, daughter and sister. During the day I play various roles except for Myself. My blog Being pointless is a place and where I can be myself. … Continue reading Being pointless blog

Humor and Style blog

Humor and Style online fashion magazine My name is Eudy Bassey and I am a fashion writer, blogger and owner of┬áHumour & Style - is an online fashion magazine with a dose of humour. It covers topics ranging from fashion, hair, beauty and a bit of banter (laughter doesn't hurt, does it? Lol). For laughter, … Continue reading Humor and Style blog

Gianna and Gemini blog

quote about being fearless I'm Gianna, and my blog is called Gianna & Gemini. ┬áMy blog is about blogging, lifestyle, and writing. I write posts that express me and who I am as a person, but also that can be beneficial to my readers as well. In short, I write about what I love and … Continue reading Gianna and Gemini blog

Ask Jane web blog

Ask Jane web blog My blog gives tips on how to challenge day to day problems we face. From global warming to heartbreak to throwing parties... etc. Its meant to serve and inspire people to not fear, be brave and be the best they can. I also plan to share some personal experiences in order … Continue reading Ask Jane web blog

Creative chronicles of Dave Stancliff blog

Guy at a typewriter Welcome to my blog, The Creative Chronicles of Dave Stancliff - My House of Words features flash fiction, science fiction, fiction, poetry, and essays. I'm a retired newspaper editor and publisher who's secret desire was to write fiction and poetry. I felt like a kid in a candy shop when I … Continue reading Creative chronicles of Dave Stancliff blog